My Story in the Balloon Artistry

I always have had an entrepreneur spirit as it is rooted in my veins and my heart since I come from a family of successful entrepreneurs in various forms. 

I came with a dream as an immigrant from Venezuela back in 2013 to make Australia my dreamed home to become the best I can be as a citizen and as an entrepreneur contributing with my art economically and socially to the community.

I started my journey reinventing myself after COVID past its peek in 2021. I started online training in the Balloon Industry with various courses that gave a wonderful insight on what this Industry is all about!.

Balloons!, it is all about celebrating achievements!, recognising milestones!, making people smile and be surprised and mesmerised with artistic compositions that elevates everyone’s spirit!. The Balloon Artistic Industry is being underestimated or decades but now is different.

I started my business as a side hustle while working in Early Childhood Education for over 11 years. I prepared myself with theory and principles that are a must to be able to become part of the “Quality Balloon Network member”. It is a requirement to have the highest International Recognition in the Balloon Industry “Certified Balloon Artist” better known as CBA.

Parallel to achieving the QBN “Qualatex Balloon Network” I travelled overseas to Orlando FL, USA for a family holiday, discovering there that existed a Diploma qualification called “Diploma Balloon Designer”. I was so enthusiastic that this existed specially because it is a Diploma awarded by the Education Department in Florida State in USA. What a recognition this was going to become!

So in February 2023 I started my Diploma Balloon Designer, not like any other Diploma and I have been qualified in other fields prior to this. This Diploma went above and beyond what anyone can imagine. 

It brought to me an incredible sense of achievement overcoming challenges that I increase with the different levels from basic to intermediate, to advance and professional levels. Not only these taught me through techniques but complexity in creating Balloon Artistry. Followed by the preparation in managing employees, accounting, budgeting, and marketing. This Diploma have it all! 

The experience doing this “Diploma Balloon Designer” changed my business life and perspective of it. I became more resilient, adaptable, and flexible in promoting diversification in my business. I went from thinking I could create only a composition and garlands to creating sculptures that resembles the birthday child, even personalising themed celebrations. 

Being a Balloon Designer and Artist contributes to the economy and to overall enlighten recipient and people sense of joy and excitement, whether if its for the focus point on the celebration, to wedding anniversaries, religious celebrations such as Holy communions and Baptisms, milestones in businesses celebrating their anniversaries, adults golden years celebrations and all kinds of children themed birthdays. 

I brought to Earlwood NSW locals delight and great pleasure when rejoicing to open their eyes to the incredible Balloon Artistry that I have brought to their lives.

I have delivered through my Balloons Arrangements and Balloon Displays joyfulness and happiness with WOWED reactions to all, and over 50 google reviews confirms it.

My commitment is to make magic with Balloons in Sydney creating the entire experience the ONE to remember.

Carol Balloons CBA Balloon Artist Balloon Boss Summit Orlando 2023
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