♻️ Sustainable Celebrations with Carol Balloons

At Carol Balloons, we believe in celebrating with care for our planet.

🎈 Our commitment to sustainability means crafting beautiful balloon decorations while minimising our environmental footprint.

We only use the most high quality Latex Balloons which come from the sap of the rubber tree. We prioritise eco-conscious choices, using biodegradable balloons and sustainable materials in our designs. The Microfoil Balloons are sent for recycling to Terracycle, as well as reusing them for different compositions. We also create conscious in our customers encouraging them to dispose the balloons in a bin and not to release them to the air or the ocean, so our customers enjoy stunning balloon decor and bouquets without compromising our planet’s future.

We strongly encourage you to Join Us in Going Green! Tag us in your eco-friendly celebrations with Carol Balloons Decor and inspire others to make sustainable choices. Let’s create memories while caring for our planet!


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