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Hey! I am Carol Oyaga owner and creator of Carol Balloons. As a mum and professional in decoration, I know that everyone enjoys a party and balloons are those items that enlightens the event! I not only use the top notch quality in balloons and techniques, but also I have develop my expertise through constant educating and learning.

In April 2023 I became a (QBN) Qualatex Balloon Network valued member, in September 2023 I graduated in the 1st promotion of the PBD “Professional Balloon Designer” through “Decolovers Institute” awarded by the Florida State of Education and in November 2023 I became a CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) awarded by as the only International award in Balloons that exist in the industry. In July 2023, we rebranded from Carol Bakes to Carol Balloons, injecting freshness, innovation, and joy into every creation. Our unique balloon art through Garlands, Arches, and Bouquets have captured the hearts of Sydney locals, helping them commemorate cherished moments that last a lifetime. Discover the magic of Carol Balloons and transform your events into unforgettable experiences.

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At Carol Balloons we have a unique ability to transcend our decorations and evoke emotions, tell stories, and create magical experiences. Being storytellers through the balloon artistry that includes garlands, arches and bouquets, implies that we go above and beyond creating beautiful designs for our customers.

Our commitment to understand “you” and the importance of your event, infuses passion and innovation into our work, making each balloon arrangement or installation not just just a product, but an embodiment of a narrative of your dream brought to life. This approach can make our services incredibly personalised and impactful for all our customers.

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